2013 Financial Permaculture Workshop

January 21-25, 2013 Miami Dade College Homestead Campus www.financialpermaculture.com

Seventh Transition Update

Summer 2009, an abundance of rainfall to report. All catchment systems full. This is the true and real analogy for my work with local green business development. In this report I’m going to cover the cornucopia of new action: Transition Hohenwald, New Green Staff and Interns, Permaculture Certification Series, Green Evening Cafe, New Local Green […]

Summer Permaculture Certification Series and Demonstration Site

The Center for Holistic Ecology and Ecological Artisans will be offering a summer Permaculture certification series in Hohenwald, Tennessee. This series, as part of the Sonnenschein Green Initiative, will provide local residents with a unique opportunity to receive training and certification in Permaculture at a very reduced price. The organizers of the series anticipate training […]

Financial Permaculture Certification

The Financial Permaculture Institute team has decided to move forward with creating an advanced certificate in Financial Permaculture. While 2008 was the pilot for the Financial Permaculture Course, we anticipate that 2009 will be the pilot for the new certificate. We’ll be working on the content and required curriculum for the certification over the next […]