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From the Incubation Group

We have moved into the Emporium Café today so we can have good internet and also elbow room. Internet access has been an issue throughout the last 3 weeks that Gaia U has been in Tennessee – we have overloaded two networks at The Farm, one using a satellite provided service and the other long […]

Spirituality and Community

Debbie Landers spoke on Spirituality and Community, which personally resonated deeply with my thoughts and my heart.  By first defining community as a “common unity”, she made apparent how faith is a common thread that weaves the community together; which is a transparency that enables people to see each other from a common ground and […]

World Café (Friday Night Financial Permaculture)

by Patrick Gibbs

I’m at the sound booth at the back of the room on Friday evening during the Financial Permaculture World Café, writing as it happens. Jennifer Dauksha English introduces the concept of “green = no waste” and then passes the mic to Emily Wacker and Greg Landua to introduce the World Cafe process […]

“God’s Got to Be Proud of Y’all”

“God’s got to be proud of y’all working to save the planet,”

Says Hohenwald City Mayor Don Jones to the gathered group of citizens and green business designers as the Financial Permaculture Course gets underway at the Blondy Church of God.

With 34 States represented, the next 5 days are bound to be full […]

Creating safe havens in times of financial trouble

C.A. Fitts explores the ins and outs of crafting stable investment opportunities in local communities as an alternative to investing retirement savings or venture capital into the global money markets.

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Gaia Blog Team

Gaia University associates from all over the world will be serving as an ace documentation team.  We will be posting real time updates during the financial permaculture workshop and green business summit in addition to managing a group of wikis designed to distill the useful information being gathered and generated before, during and after […]