2013 Financial Permaculture Workshop

January 21-25, 2013 Miami Dade College Homestead Campus www.financialpermaculture.com

Foodshed Farming, pt 2 – Putting our learning to work!

….By January of 2013, we had one and one half seasons of growing everything we could possibly grow (of perennial and annual vegetables and some fruit like bananas and papayas), but not selling much. As we entered the design stage of last year’s 2013 Financial Permaculture Convergence (FPC), we were open with our business plan, [...]

So many solutions to #climate change – still time to make it happen – watch this video on Carbon Farming! (and register for #2014FPC!)

This year,  Spring brings a growing global awareness of climate change.

Check out this 60 min video

with Eric Toensmeier and Chelsea Green

providing some real, economically sound solutions in the form of permaculture carbon farming!

Why plant a forest of edible trees?

Join Eric Toensmeier as he talks #permaculture at the LiFE (Local Food Enterprise) Summit #2014FPC in Miami – Early bird discount ends Saturday!

Eric Toensmeier has spent twenty years exploring edible and useful plants of the world and their use in perennial agro-ecosystems. He is the author of Perennial Vegetables and co-author of Edible Forest Gardens with Dave Jacke. Both books have received multiple awards, including the American Horticultural Society Garden Book of the Year and ForeWord Magazine Home and [...]

Four more days to register for LiFE Summit (#2014FPC) with early bird discount!

If you are thinking of coming to the 2014 Financial Permaculture Convergence in Miami, register by March 15 to get your early bird discount ($80 off the regular fee).

Attending the Local Food Enterprise Summit is an investment in your future as an earth-conscious local food supporter, advocate, consumer and entrepreneur.

Register today and let [...]

Financial Permaculture is…

What is Financial Permaculture, you ask?

…And just why is the 2014 Local Food Enterprise Summit so important?

…Who needs a regenerative business model anyway?

Check out this awesome 3 minute video on the 2014 Financial Permaculture Convergence.

Click [...]

The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann interviews Eric Toensmeier about Financial Permaculture

Eric Toensmeier leading a financial permaculture design workshop in  Miami

Join Scott Mann’s The Permaculture Podcast as he interviews Eric Toensmeier about Financial Permaculture back in 2012.



Financial Permaculture with Eric Toensmeier

*Click on this link, Financial Permaculture with Eric Toensmeier, to listen to Eric’s podcast. In it, he discusses some of the topics that he will further address at the upcoming 2013 Financial Permaculture & Local Business Summit.

**The Financial Permaculture Institute and Earth Learning are collecting and publishing articles from independent guest writers to promote the January [...]