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Mapping Financial Ecosystems

Please view these two mind maps I created while listening to two talks by Catherine Austin Fitts.  The left map was from a talk Wednesday, by CAF on Mapping Financial Ecosystems, and on the right is a map from a talk Thursday, by CAF on Design Methodology for Mapping.


Proactive with Permaculture

Catherine Austin Fitts and I had a call this week about instructors for the September 22-26, 2009 Financial Permaculture Course in Hohenwald, TN. We agreed that the main criteria for our instructor search was that the instructor have these qualities: knowledge relevant to economic development in Hohenwald, tools easy to replicate and that they themselves […]

The Line in the Sand

by Albert Bates

This morning Catherine Austin Fitts was speaking of sticking to values. The example she gave was a conference her company, Hamilton Securities, was having with her attorneys in their protracted lawsuit (one that went on for 12 years) against the federal government.

The story of her legal case is told in Crossing […]

Primer on the Economic Crisis

At the FPC here in Hohenwald, TN, the global economic crisis is at the very top of people’s minds in conversation and thinking.  In her morning talk, Catherine Austin Fitts emphasized how essential it is for stakeholders in local economic renewal to have a strong understanding of the details of the wider financial system.

For a […]

How to Build Resilient Community: Watch Less TV!

Catherine Austin Fitts at the opening talk of the Financial Permaculture Course:

“Change will require a significant decrease in time watching TV!  When we think things aren’t possible, that’s assuming people [continue to use] their time the way they are right now.”

A quick calculation from the audience guessed at 7 million hours of television-watching […]

The Great Change and Financial Permaculture

On his blog: The Great Change, Albert Bates highlighted Financial Permaculture in the context of the currect financial crisis.

“Hard to imagine going further into an economic mess than we already are, but get ready, from here on out, it’s all downhill. I recently told a radio interviewer to think of it like an avalanche. […]

Financial Permaculture – who reaps the rewards?

If we look at a community as a financial ecosystem with financial sustainability as one of our goals in achieving overall sustainability, one of the questions we should ask as we reduce waste is “who gets the benefit of that waste reduction?”

View the entire article, with the answer on Catherine Austin Fitts’ Blog.