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Free Talk on Biochar with Albert Bates, during Permaculture Design Course

Beyond Zero: The Biochar Solution FREE TALK with Albert Bates

Location: Carothers Crossing, Nashville, TN When: August 14, 2010 4-6:00 PM

How we can take the atmosphere from dangerously over-carbonated with greenhouse gas pollution back to safe, pre-industrial levels on decadal time scales? While conventional agriculture leads to deserts, blowing parched dirt across the […]

Transition Culture

The first session during the 2009 Financial Permaculture Course was a quick introduction to Transition Culture.  Albert Bates summarized the steps to become a Transition Town.

Transition Culture Website

Transition Wiki

Transition US

Click here to download Albert’s talk. In his talk he shared that, the TTT project started […]

Transition Town Hohenwald

On June 6th, 2009 Hohenwald held a Transition Celebration. Hohenwald is now the 25th official Transition Town in the United States. The event featured local food and music. Global Village Institute Director Albert Bates, Vice Mayor Dustin Flowers, State Representative Joey Hensley and Chamber President Elect Debbie Landers spoke on Green Business and the local […]

Hopi in the Hohen Land

Duane Mapatis © 2008 Susan Johann / susanjohann.com

This morning our plenary session was addressed by Duane Mapatis of the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Center in Flagstaff, which is part of the Native Movement and a node of the Bioregional Lifeways Network.

Duane and his son Rad were invited to attend by Catherine Austin Fitts […]

The Great Change and Financial Permaculture

On his blog: The Great Change, Albert Bates highlighted Financial Permaculture in the context of the currect financial crisis.

“Hard to imagine going further into an economic mess than we already are, but get ready, from here on out, it’s all downhill. I recently told a radio interviewer to think of it like an avalanche. […]

Rumi and Bates

In another in her series of blog posts highlighting instructors for the upcoming Financial Permaculture course, Catherine Austin Fitts pays her respects to Albert Bates’ poetic career as a pioneer of sustianability and cooperation.

“Sit down and be quiet. You are drunk, and this is the edge of the roof. ~ Rumi”

For more […]