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Exploring Terms and Key Concepts in Financial Permaculture

Blog Author, Shiloh Boss is dedicated to bringing holistic awareness and positive momentum into the world of media-presentation, events, curriculum design, community building and organizational development.  Shiloh is also a Team Facilitator for the 2013 Financial Permaculture & Local Business Summit in Miami, Florida.

The concept of Financial Permaculture is a recent innovation in thought and civic engagement. Even for myself, who was sitting in on one of the early dialog circles cultivating the notions of Financial Permaculture in the Rogue Valley of Oregon in 2008.  I was there with Gregory Landua, one of the original designers of the first ever Financial Permaculture gathering in Tennessee which was coproduced in 2009 with this years lead social designer and event producer Jennifer English.

Back then, we were musing with a circle of associates. Together, we talked about regional resiliency, economic regeneration, alternative currency, food sovereignty and social enterprise.  In a way, all of us in that circle were generating the fresh new meme of Financial Permaculture with our contributions and the collective intelligence of that circle. Still today, I am still getting to know this special concept that engenders a unique kind of citizenry.

Whoa!!! Did you notice?!? I just used a bunch of words that are new and innovative in how they are combined together! They all play a part in creating some of the essential jargon known throughout the field of Financial Permaculture.

Let’s take a closer look at what I am referring to when I use these terms and see what we can learn about Financial Permacuture and its special hybrid of culture that is emerging across the nation.

Financial Permaculture: So permaculture itself is a design science, based on ethics and principles -which fundamentally promote an over-aching mandate towards “earth care”, “people care”, and what Starhawk calls “future care” or other permaculturalists consider the governing law of “return of surplus”. Permaculture is also very focused on “creating habitat”, “developing niches” and promoting diversity within an environment. Financial Permaculture is then supportive of cultivating the diversity of the financial environment or marketplace in any given region in a particular way. It focuses on creating synergistic business developments amongst enterprises that uphold the ethics and principles. The general aim is thriving communities within regions of integrated supply chained businesses where one businesses waste equals another businesses food and things synergize to create diverse ecosystems teaming with life.  Together, they cultivate niche markets that return the surplus and benefit the overall economy, environment and social fabric.

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*The Financial Permaculture Institute and Earth Learning are collecting and publishing articles from independent guest writers to promote the January 21-25 Financial Permaculture Summit in Miami, FL. Neither organization claims responsibility for or necessarily agrees with the content provided by these guest writers.

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