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Transition Culture

The first session during the 2009 Financial Permaculture Course was a quick introduction to Transition Culture.  Albert Bates summarized the steps to become a Transition Town.

Transition Culture Website

Transition Wiki

Transition US

Click here to download Albert’s talk. In his talk he shared that, the TTT project started in late 2005 with an intensive program of awareness raising on the issues of Peak Oil and climate change. When the population had been sufficiently primed, the project was kicked off with a “Official Unleashing of Transition Town Totnes” in September 2006, attended by 350 in the Town Hall.  Albert showed Power Down TT8.   The video, including interviews with Rob Hopkins, focused on the transition process as a successful tool for participatory community driven energy decent planning.

The video stimulated a passionate conversation on the transition culture’s focus on climate change remediation.  Several people in the audience voiced their beliefs about climate change.  What bubbled up from the group was an overall concern with how to language transition economics to communities that aren’t resolved on climate change and even peak oil.

Jennifer English and Debbie Landers provided some reflective observation on their experience with creating Transition Town Hohenwald, a small rural southern town, where talk of climate change still spurs debate.  The Transition Initiating Group in Hohenwald (TTH) consciously made the decision to flow with the key points of Transition Economics (tools and strategies) while leaving out the conversation on the ISSUES.  When engaged in community development it is important to adapt your message to meet the needs and cultural context of the community.  Diverse implementations of Transition Culture emerge when communities ‘make the transition process their own’. Here are the successful steps that TTH took that enabled them to move past the issues and towards solutions:

– Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

– Be Proactive

– Value Diversity

– Integrate

– Common Vision

– Many Voices

– Speak to Peoples Needs

Click here to read more.

There are 4 Transition Towns represented at the Financial Permaculture Course:

Transition Hohenwald

Transition Santa Cruz

Transition Lyons

Transition Sandpoint

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