2013 Financial Permaculture Workshop

January 21-25, 2013 Miami Dade College Homestead Campus www.financialpermaculture.com

Financial Permaculture & Ecosystem Investing

Last week, Greg Landua of BooyaCacao and Nemawashi Venture Altruism presented at the Green Ventures Conference. Our slideshow, which presents our work on the new realm of ecosystem investing, is posted on slideshare.net and below:

The summary of ecosystem investing is as follows:

Would you like to invest in Carbon-negative cacao? or PermEstate? Do you have a venue you’d like us to present this talk at?

Visit us at www.booyacaco.com and www.appleseedpermaculture.com.

Do these principles make sense? Do you have another to add? Or, do you think this is all crazy? Comment below.

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