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Solari Circle

This evening Catherine A. Fitts explained what a Solari Circle is. I write this knowing I have a lot to learn about finances and law. This blog to all friends wanting to circle up for something bodaciouse.
We can cabal ninja turtle style for financial success and health of community in Solari circles. A Solari Circle does whatever gives them energy. It is a social technology. A circle of friends twelve or less that get together eat, watch movies, listen to audio seminars, and more specifically work to reorganize their money into successful investments. By learning about financial systems, building legal constituents to make successful investments, and then investing money into businesses and people they know Solari circles can make decisions and take actions to circulate their money in their community rather than kissing it goodbye to the New York Stock Exchange.

A Solari group may do financial simulations to experiment with different investments and perform exercises. For example everyone in the circle putting in $100 into a pot and one person gets the $1,200 as a loan with an interest rate that benefits the group of 12 people rather than a corporate bank.

A Solari group support their members, and tentacles of support include an incubator entity, a data bank of the local community so people understand the value of their stock, and actually issuing financially successful stock.
The group needs a very high degree of understanding and trust. Trusting people with data about money is like trusting them with your life. The circle must help each other learn the language finance, because the governance of money must be precise. Most importantly all members must be involved, passive members are a risk. Theoretically the absence of energy hurts when members are not engaged in all decisions, and practically, passive members become a legal liability.

The idea is to build a money system from the bottom up. Solari members must perform responsibly in order to participate in the building of capital in the community and neighborhood around them. Solari groups could focus their power in a shared geographic location, but do not have to. Organization of a financial group runs into complex law, complex cooperation with many people, and big time commitments.

The motivation to over come these above mentioned obstacles: Solari circles work on what gives you as the group energy! You work to lower you expenses and circulate money among your circle. Share your pizza, share your information, get an old rat as your mentor, and a girl as your best friend. I’m going to cross generation and gender lines to invest in something radical.

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