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From the Incubation Group

We have moved into the Emporium Café today so we can have good internet and also elbow room. Internet access has been an issue throughout the last 3 weeks that Gaia U has been in Tennessee – we have overloaded two networks at The Farm, one using a satellite provided service and the other long distance micro-wave. In both cases we easily exceeded the bandwith allowance and thus were popped into the penalty box and had to endure almost non-existence services for a couple of days as our punishement. It is hard to believe that we are in the world’s richest economy – I get better internet in rural Mexico.

Meanwhile some stunning thinking is emerging – at last night’s debrief from all working groups we heard that ALL of the businesses we are considering for development here in Hohenwald can be seen as incubators. That is, the downstream effects of establishing the Community Kitchen, for example, is that it would enable many micro-enterprises to get going (blueberry harvest at The Farm could go semi-commercial again). We can apply the same thinking to all the other intitiatives and so one presentation point would be to map some of these downstream potentials.

We also made a discovery today that the Church of General Assembly here in Hohenwald has been acting as an informal incubator and is hosting 15 people working at their own enterprise (home schooling support, K thu 12 schooling, school accreditation, office support and so on) and that Debbie is a major part of the leadership in this informal process. She proposes that maybe this approach could spread to the other 42 churches (perhaps 4 to start with) in Lewis County – this would give us incubation without the investment required to get a formal system going – which could go formal later. I really like this idea as it is working to enhance the flow of what is already happening.

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