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Seventh Transition Update

Summer 2009, an abundance of rainfall to report. All catchment systems full. This is the true and real analogy for my work with local green business development. In this report I’m going to cover the cornucopia of new action: Transition Hohenwald, New Green Staff and Interns, Permaculture Certification Series, Green Evening Cafe, New Local Green […]

Green Business Presentations on Slideshare!

The final presentations of the Financial Permaculture Course have been posted over at www.slideshare.net!

• H.O.P.E. – Hohenwald Organization for Progressive Enterprise

• Green Village Marketplace

• Hohenwald Green Village Food Center

Check them out along with the business plans on the wiki: www.financialpermaculture.practivist.org.

conversation with Jonathan Gonsky over skype

Connie: most industries have been lost in Hohenwald. 90% of the workforce in Tennessee leaves town to go to work. There is a lot lumber harvesting in Hohenwald.

Jon: is asking questions about what kind of green building business. wants to have more specific information so that he can address our needs better. who are […]

green building 101 in Hohenwald collection of ideas:


International Global Changes

Concentration on Hohenwald

Integrative Cradle to Cradle Systems

Sustainable Management

ReUse Network

Tending Trees in Neighborhoods and taking building materials out.

Online Inventory

Reuse, R reusing old building materials. Energy Conversation is really important in new buildings but also with existing building. Existing buildings can often times by retrofitted at a […]

Team Gaia documents progressive Hohenwald, TN

In the spirit of home grown solutions that Tennessee is famous for,  citizens from the town of Hohenwald have invited a group innovative thinkers to co-create local sustainable businesses.  The local community has identified four areas of interest, local ethanol, agriculture, business incubation, and green building. A team of students from Gaia University has set […]

Mapping Financial ecosystems

To start everyone off with some basic knowledge about financial terminology and a base map of financial flows and pools, Catherine Fitts has started off the Financial Permaculture Course focusing on setting up a base language of business.

For the slide show she is showing during this talk click through to her solari.com to download […]