2013 Financial Permaculture Workshop

January 21-25, 2013 Miami Dade College Homestead Campus www.financialpermaculture.com

Come learn & DO #financial #permaculture with Jono Neiger at the LiFE Summit (#2014FPC) 5/31-6/4

Jono Neiger has twenty years experience in conservation, restoration, land stewardship, permaculture and landscape design. He synthesizes his diverse expertise to create productive and integrated landscapes. Working as collaborator, teacher, and guide, Jono empowers individuals, communities and organizations to understand and steward their land and landscape through design. He is principal at Regenerative Design [...]

Meet Gregory Landua, another permaculture designer coming to the Local Food Enterprise Summit: A Financial Permaculture Convergence (#2014FPC)

Gregory Landua has studied marine and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary biology in the Galapagos Islands, translated for Amazonian rainforest guides, fought wildfires in the wilderness of Alaska, lived in established ecovillages, founded a successful work-live cooperative, studied the nuances of ecology and ethics, and founded a direct-trade chocolate business to help reforest tropical [...]

Earth Hour is over, Earth Day is coming… Let’s do some Earth Learning!

Check out this great 3 minute snapshot of why YOU need to be part of the 2014 Local Food Enterprise Summit!


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The Local Food Enterprise Summit welcomes permaculture designer Marisha Auerbach: Another great reason to register for #2014FPC today!


Marisha Auerbach has been actively practicing, studying, and teaching Permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, specializing in food production, seed saving, ecology, and useful plants. Her practical experience has been gained while living in both rural and urban locations. Currently, Marisha works as a permaculture teacher for Bastyr University, [...]

The Local Food Enterprise Summit is only 8 weeks away! Meet one of our Permaculture Designers: Kim Walsh

Kimberly Walsh has worked in the field of human rights/popular education and on economic justice issues and shifted her focus to sustainable agriculture and building community through food. In 2009, she co-founded a certified organic farm business, Wild Meadows Farm, which practices biointensive and permaculture principles. Kim also serves as a part-time Executive [...]

We Drained the Everglades for This? (A World Water Day re-post)


In the fall of 2003, several friends and I sat at the Environmental Center at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus wondering how we were going to bring about a culture of sustainability to South Florida, a place we loved, had grown up in, but whose current state of affairs, rampant sprawl and [...]

Meet Wesley Roe, a keynote speaker at the #2014FPC Local Food Enterprise Summit

Wesley Roe was born in Hamilton, Canada in 1950 to parents who were environmentalists, union members and supporters, political activists and credit union members. He was encouraged at an early age to be involved in community service and studied Urban Planning at McMaster University. Wes opened an Alternative Health Clinic in Santa Barbara, [...]