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Complementary Currency

This article is re-posted by Permission of its author, Crystal Arnold.  It originally appeared as an article in the Sentient Times For resources and links about complementary currency click here

Creating Currency For A Resilient Local Economy

By Crystal Arnold

Imagine a world of sufficiency where needs are […]

Free Money

Gaia Emerging Discusses the increasing importance of alternative currency in creating sustainable and just economies. […]

Financial Permaculture Looks at “Transition Towns”

with contributions by Greg Landua

Tonight we focused on the Transition Towns movement, which proactively and positively faces the challenges of peak oil and climate change in a de-humanized society. Transition Towns is both an evolving method for collaborative town planning and implementation, and a network of people and towns. We heard from Andy Langford, […]

FPC Supports Local Currency

At the Financial Permaculture Course, we’re collaborating with the Hohenwald Chamber of Commerce to support their experimental complementary currency “Chamber Bucks”. A percentage of our course revenue was used to purchase Chamber Bucks that can then be fed back into the financial ecosystem of Hohenwald.

At a geekly blog dinner break at the Buffalo […]

Complimentary Currency on Gaia Emerging

Gaia Emerging offers a quick look at complimentary currencies with a couple of useful links for further exploration;

“Complimentary Currency Systems offer a path towards economic and ecological regeneration on the bioregional and global scale. The idea is to create currency systems that are tied in value to indexes of ecosystem healthy and cultural […]