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Poverty Conscious Activism VS. Conscious Consumerism

Creating, testing and sharing the regenerative enterprise models that allow people to make right livelihood and create cooperative and resilient communities. Finding regenerative investing instruments to empower money from the broken system to be turned into REAL WORK AND TOOLS FOR REGENERATION and community empowerment. Cultivating a lively discussion on fundamentally different economic models that will allow us to align our hearts, hands and minds with the realities of scarcity and environmental limitations of the planet, and find the abundance and infinite capacity of our creativity and art. […]

Second Transition Update

A lot has happened in the not so sleepy town of Hohenwald since my last Sonnenschein Green Initiative – Transition Update.  We had a total of eight important meetings in ten days.

Click here to read a brief summary of each meeting: Complimentary Currency Working Group Sewage Treatment Working Group Bioregional Congress Group The Lewis […]

Gaia Blog Team

Gaia University associates from all over the world will be serving as an ace documentation team.  We will be posting real time updates during the financial permaculture workshop and green business summit in addition to managing a group of wikis designed to distill the useful information being gathered and generated before, during and after […]

The Great Change and Financial Permaculture

On his blog: The Great Change, Albert Bates highlighted Financial Permaculture in the context of the currect financial crisis.

“Hard to imagine going further into an economic mess than we already are, but get ready, from here on out, it’s all downhill. I recently told a radio interviewer to think of it like an avalanche. […]

The Farm down the road

Financial Permaculture caught the eye of some of the folks down on The Farm, a venerable community that is rooted firmly in right livelihood.  The Farm, established in 1971, has been a haven for sustainable business for many years.  It is just down the road from Hohenwald, the venue for an upcoming workshop in Financial […]