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Legion M – A Hollywood Studio Owned by Fans

Take a look at Legion M, an innovative effort leading the way from worker-owned businesses to fan-based entertainment and have a lot to say on the opportunities:

“As a Legion M shareholder you’ll get a chance to go behind the scenes with us as we work with top Hollywood creators to release exciting new […]

A Conversation with Noam Chomsky on Organizing for a Next System

This is a fantastic, thought-provoking and conversation-starting interview with Noam Chomsky on current and potential future economic structures.

Next System Project: What’s your approach in terms of the principles or the models by which we can really engage the questions of ownership and democracy in the economy? Is it a worker-centered vision? A […]

Regenerative Business: Diving Into the History, Etymology and Practice of ‘Regeneration’

Read the first of a series of blogs by Carol Sanford who has been researching and writing about the concept of regenerative business since the 70s. She will dive into the history, dissect the principles and hopefully make the practice more accessible to some of us just starting out. If you are curious […]

Tools and case studies for starting co-ops!

Check out this simple website that has amassed a large collection of cooperative-related articles, videos, case studies and tools specific to the US (with a few for Canada). Read the startup guides, watch some TED talks and see who is offering classes and job opportunities. This is the place to be for up-to-date […]

Community-based Cooperatives: Case Studies in the U.S. and Canada

These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers

This excellent article tells the story of two neighborhood economic cooperatives who are proving that this model can not only provide a return for investors but enliven an area and create jobs. The first is […]

Holacracy Case Study: Voys/Spindle Telecom

Read this Holacracy article by Mark Vletter of Voys/Spindle Telecom to get a wonderful feel of what this system of governance can offer a growing company. He acknowledges that Holacracy is not easy to implement, but that its benefits far outweigh the learning curve. He shares advice and some of the positive […]

Interview with Jessica Gordon Newbhard: Cooperative Economics of the Civil Rights Movement

Read The Next System Project’s interview with Jessica Gordon Nembhard to learn about the fascinating and extremely effective systems that Black people set up during the civil rights movement in direct contradiction to the current capitalism models. Men unionized and worked, and women studied and kept the co-ops and money flowing within […]